Tips to get that Chocolate fix under Control?

Who doesn’t love a little something sweet, particularly of the Choccy variety?  Well you all know here at ALTA fitness we are all about a bit of balance, which can be achieved through the quality of what you put in your mouth rather than abstaining completely!  Chocolate is actually not a bad food, its the additives and the addictive nature which causes most of us grief.  Who can relate to “by accident” eating more than intended? I certainly can!! Well, below are a few tips which I found work quite well from none other than our ALTA library favourite book “Lab to Table” by Cyndi O’Meara.

Tip #1 You’ve heard me say it before!! “Only eat the best” in this case,  home-made or Artisan Chocolate made from the finest ingredients!!  Theory being if you eat the good stuff you are less like to settle on the cheaper not so good products!
Tip #2 Buy individually wrapped chocolates!!  As it is expensive and good quality you are less likely to open the next one unlike the already open family size block, which our brains tell us we need to consume until finished!
Tip #3 Savour it!, When eating that piece of chocolate, really enjoy it, because that will be all you have.
Tip #4  If rule 3 fails and you do decide you want more, there will be effort required to go back to the shop to buy another piece of chocolate, I know for me that is all too hard and the craving passes!  
Tip #5 Stay away from cheaper chocolates for at least 2 months, give yourself a chance to really reset. 

If you would like to know more about the health benefits, including what is in chocolate which makes it good for you, please feel free to borrow our “Lab to Table” book from our ALTA Library to find out more!!  And remember, your health and wellbeing is important to us, not just how you aim to become fitter, stronger or leaner.