Connectedness and Reconnecting

These words have come up 5 times in the last week so I thought it was a sign that I need to follow up with people. With friends, with family, with my network but importantly with our clients as we have returned to studio. As we are reconnecting face to face and we are all in a new space, how are we feeling about being together again, getting outside our ‘zones’, eating out, having that much needed haircut, socialising, going to films and being in a crowd! As human beings having a positive connection to others is integral to our wellbeing and research has shown that those who have positive connections live longer, more fulfilling lives.

When I think of reconnecting with our clients I think first, how are you? how is your family? your job? your stress levels and importantly how is your fitness!? And as we reconnect with you, it is your fitness and health that you come to us for. We have been closed a total of over 9 months since March 2020 and whether you continued with zoom, outdoors or not at, the last 20 months has affected our fitness.

So, this is where JC and I put our thinking hats on, coaching is a passion for both of us.  Although we do it in our own way, we love helping people not just in regard to your exercise regime but also your health and wellbeing, in fact we do this on a day to day basis, as do our team, on checking in, how you’re feeling, how is your body feeling and perhaps were asking a myriad of questions on your health and wellbeing. However we need to take a moment and reconnect with why you are here – your goals, have they changed, do they need to change, is there something more we could be doing or exploring such as losing some weight in a healthy, sustainable way or wanting to eliminate the aches and pains associated with working from home and not moving frequently or, realising your strength has waned or a new goal like running a 5k race. Whatever it is, we can help you with reaching those goals – if you are willing to put in the commitment and effort!

So, a quick heads up over the next few weeks I will be sending out an email to take on 30min coaching sessions if you would like to spend a dedicated time just to review, explore your goals for 2022. This is a one-on-one session with me and designed to be a deeper review and come out with some accountable actions to reach your goals including your vision of what you will look like, feel like, be doing in 6 or 12 months time. This is not the time to be shy, think about it for another 6 months, think oh I’ll be alright, it is a really powerful session to set your health goals and it is only for existing clients and there is a small charge of $50 for a 30min session – why am I charging you might ask? Well, this is what I know, if I pay for something I’ll commit to it, if it is for free I wane and I’m not 100% committed.

This is for everyone, male or female or for them or they, this is for you whatever you want. It can be face to face, via zoom or a phone call. If you are interested come and talk to me, it is only on offer until mid-December.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.