Christmas Gift Ideas

I love Christmas, just the joy of pretty decorations, lighting and family time and I don’t need presents but I love giving them and l love giving something meaningful and with that I have a deeper connection and feeling when receiving something that I know has been given with some thought. So, as you are all very obviously aware we are into all things fitness, health and wellbeing and there is always something under our tree that reflects this.

So here is our Top 10 gifts ideas:

#1 – An ALTA Fitness Gift Voucher! What better gift can you give a loved one than that of fitness & we have a great offer ‘Buy 5 sessions get one free!

#2 – Foam Roller – The benefits from foam rolling can ease muscle tension & pain, reduce soreness after training, greater mobility and stretching. We have a few available in our little shop.

#3 – Massage Balls – a good stocking stuffer – see above benefits as per foam rollers. Also available to buy from us!

#4 – Essential Oils – Pure organic essential oils offer a wide range of benefits plus the simply beautiful scents can support stress, sleep, relaxation and more Twenty8 is where I buy our organic essential oils, you can click here to check them out!

#5 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses – a must have if you are using your computer late at night as the blue light from screens decreases your melatonin hence making going to sleep and staying asleep harder. You can click here to have a look! 

#6 – Joovv Red Light Therapy Device – red light can enhance skin health, whilst near infrared light penetrates deeper into the body tissue enhancing recovery and inflammation support. You can click here for more detail, they have some good discounts at the moment.

#7 – Books – I love reading and as you probably already know some of my top picks this year in regards to learning more about what is good for us from a nutritional and lifestyle view point are Lab to Table by Cindy O’Meara, Liver Better Life by Paul Gow, Obesity Code by Jason Fung

#8 – The Australian Sustainable Ethical Fashion Guide – on doing something for our planet and some light reading this guide supports Australia business’ who are working towards protecting the planet and it’s people. Cheap at only $9.95. You can click here to see more.  

#9 – Indoor Air Purifying Plants – this is always a favourite for me – my favourites are the Peace Lily, Devils Ivy Pothos and Snake Plant/Mother-in-laws tongue. You can click here to head to the website where they have beautiful gift boxes.

#10 – Good Quality Dark Chocolate – Pana Organic Chocolate ticks off all my list for good quality, healthier chocolate option. They make for a lovely bag stuffer or a little gift to a friend just to say Merry Christmas you are special to me! You click here to learn more, I buy ours from Apples & Sage Organics in Balwyn

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.