10 Day Healthy Food Kickstart Challenge – Come and join us!

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This is a simple 10 day challenge where for 10 days you eat no processed foods or take away, just simple honest to goodness food. The challenge is about breaking unhealthy habits, you know how passionate I am about good food and all the crap, yes crap that is on the shelves. We have been fooled for too long that what we are getting is all good for us and you may even lose a few kilos.  I will guarantee that you will learn so much about your food and how it makes you feel great when eating well.

To keep it as simple as possible, let’s not over complicate it, there is no weighing, no meal / portion sizes.  There is just a list of foods you can use to make your own breakfast, lunch and dinner or as JC and I do, make 2 nutritious meals a day. So what will it all look like you ask?

  • Starts Monday 7th Feb
  • In a neat little PDF guide you will get
    • An allowed foods list – I highly recommend you go shopping Sunday and buy what you need for at least 3-4 days and go through your pantry and clean out anything that will tempt you
    • Recipes – including vegetarian options
    • Hints and tips to make it an easier transition
  • Each day I will email you a quick 5min run down
  • A Private Facebook Group, where you can ask me any questions, tell us what is happening to you, share pictures of your meals and be supportive to others in the group
  • Cost only $30 – just a contribution to the effort and time we’ve put into this would be appreciated

Count me in!

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It is based primarily from my learnings and guides from Changing Habits, Dr Anna Cabeca & Blue Zones based on their sound nutritional guidelines.

IMPORTANTLY: Please note that this program is not suitable for pregnant women and it is also recommended that all individuals seek professional medical advice before making changes to your exercise or diet. The information, ideas and suggestions we make in this program are purely from JC and I and they are not substitutes for consulting with your health professional.