Music and Mindfulness

As we move into this new year of resets and restarts, I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling the hectic nature of real life trying to muscle in on my mindset, I feel like despite the promises we made to ourselves for the ‘slower life’ when coming out of lockdown, we are suddenly committing to more, trying to see people, squeezing in those long overdue catchups etc.  Anyone else feel the same??

It is for this reason, when I feel the squeeze, I have been taking steps in my day to slow things down when needed. One practice that I have been embracing more actively is playing some relaxing music, taking the time, a deep breath and acknowledging the power of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is defined as ‘being present’ and giving your full attention to the moment we’re in. I have found that listening to music while practicing mindfulness allows me a space and time to relax and reconnect.  Here are couple of playlists that I like to listen to that you might find helpful: