10 Day Kickstart Healthy Food Challenge

Last week marked the end of what was a very successful 10 Day Kickstart Healthy Food Challenge. Thank you so much to those that joined me on a journey in learning more about healthy food choices and how it can make you feel great when eating well.  I absolutely loved that 10 curious women who wanted to learn more about healthy eating joined us, the conversations I had both individually and in our private Facebook group encourages me to know there is a need for this. And I have to say to all our clients the fact that you are exercising shows you care about your health and if you want to be at the forefront of a healthier community like these women are now on, then come and ask me more about it.

I received such great feedback and interest, and am so excited about expanding this experience in the future as I have had interest on how the challenge was going and signing up for the next! So we will be having our next challenge in May as we head into winter, so if you are interested in joining me on this one just let me or your trainer know.

Feedback so far has been amazing-
– While I miss bread, I’m not sure it’s going to be part of my daily diet moving forward! My body is certainly enjoying the increase in veggies, so the salad lunch is here to stay! All these small changes are adding up to a healthier life. – K.K

– Thank you Linda for all you hard work, your lists and share tips and menus with us to eat differently over & beyond the 10 days. Your support and encouragement has been valued and appreciated. Hope you have gained some insight from us participants too. Looking forward to keeping an open, easy to make my own mind in the future. – E.N

 Thanks Linda, I’ve loved it! – S.B

For now I leave you with one last task….

Think about your food choices – are they good for you or bad for you and if they are bad why are you eating them?



If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.