A Wristful of Thoughts – An Introspect by Andrew Bui

A few weeks ago, while working at my “real full-time job” (JC joking around that PT isn’t my full-time job) as a Sales Consultant for 99 Bikes, I was in the bike storage room moving bikes around and awkwardly lifted a bike while twisting my wrist which caused soreness and weakened movement for over a week. It was such a small movement yet made a significant impact. During that week, my capacity to work was limited, and I struggled to lift, pick up, pull and move bikes around. I became less efficient or able to give 100% in everything I did.

A little overboard in my evaluation but I wanted to help my team, help my customers, assist in the shop, and most importantly share my joy of riding with everyone. Additionally, facilitating group exercises became tricky when setting up the exercises, moving weights and demonstrating movements. Furthermore, cooking and cleaning at home was done with more precaution and took more of my time. A small injury can stream into all aspects of your life. When you’re not able to live to your fullest potential and enjoy what you love to do most, at work or with family and friends, setbacks like this makes me rethink the importance of health and the corrective functional movement to be able continue to put my best self forward.

Similarly, it’s like someone not using their gifts for the world. Even though there are millions of people on earth, if one person doesn’t act and use their gifts, it may have a ripple effect.  That person may not be living up to their ambitions or use their gifts to help others go further in life. Unfortunately, we can’t physically see or acknowledge this outward result and can only imagine what could have been. The missed opportunity to share and reach out to the people we love, to the communities we are in or to the people we meet. We miss growth, we miss experiences, and we miss living life fully with vibrance and vigour. When we stumble to play our part, our unique talents, skills, gifts or potential to have a positive impact can be condensed to reduced thoughts, feelings and indecisions. The outcome is hidden because the vision is unclear.

The takeaway of all this is the importance of correct functional movements and correct techniques, focusing on alignment of mobility and stability with strength and coordination. This will ultimately reduce injury and create a stronger skill foundation for everyday movements. We may not see the immediate benefits during the one-on-one sessions with ALTA trainers, or group exercise classes but with emphasis on keeping healthy, upholding safety and correct movements, we can believe the future is brighter and we can go further in life to live fitter, healthier and happier.

I’ll leave you with a quote by Agnes Karll Schwest Krankenpfleger.

“A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one”

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