Bring JOY to each and every day!

Bring JOY to each and every day during the holiday season – I choose to bring a little joy and fun into my life over the coming days and weeks and hope some of it spills over to you all as well!

So you may be thinking what brings me joy? First things for me is to think about the things that I like doing, that lift me up and some are very small like lighting a candle whilst some are larger like a bike ride with JC. Second is thinking about things that I liked doing when I was younger, like making a random cake for mum. Third, is the joy of giving joy to someone else from a simple smile or hug, to meeting for a coffee or drink, to a big surprise present before Christmas!

I’d like you to write your own list – even if just a few to bring joy to your day. And if you need some ideas or inspiration here’s a few from JC and I.

  • Lighting a aromatic candle or incense
  • Riding our bikes together
  • Coffee with friends
  • Lying on the grass when the suns out
  • Doing exercise!
  • Being in nature
  • Being in the mountains anytime
  • Skiing (either northern or southern hemisphere)
  • Trail running in nature
  • Making a delicious, healthy meal together after picking the harvest from our garden
  • Late evening swims at the beach (maybe with some fish & chips!!)
  • A lovely glass of red together after a long day out on the deck
  • Lying in the hammock looking at the trees
  • Being in the garden, weeding, pruning, planting
  • Making a herb, salad sandwich straight out of the veggie patch (no bread – JC’s)
  • Seeing our children on stage acting, playing music – ahh what joy!
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Date night

Share with us your joys we’d love to hear them.