Reflections of 2022 & Welcome to 2023!

Let’s start here for 2023 – What are the top 3 things you are most grateful for in 2022? What was your greatest achievement and your greatest frustration.

I love a bit of time to reflect and having been on a ‘home’ holiday this year I’ve done quite a lot of this. Actually I started this in December and I started to ask clients. For some the answers flowed easily, for others it took a bit of thought – perhaps I was too early I was thinking to myself? I am a firm believer that we should take some time out to sit still and reflect. Ask yourself the questions above and we hope that it brings you positive affirmations. And when it comes to your greatest frustration, maybe you can work on this during 2023 to turn it around to something you achieved.

Let’s Start on Reflections of 2022.

As always when it comes to ALTA Fitness it is you, our clients and supporters that drive us to be our best. To be ready early mornings or early afternoons depending on our shifts, to be focussed, to be educated, to be empathetic, to be firm, be strong, to have you leave happier than you came in and, keep you on track so you get the gains from exercise. 

And there are so many, be it mental health or time out, strength, mobility, flexibility, physical health, lose a few kilo’s, maintain a good weight, and let’s not forget that regular exercise helps with your immunity against disease. And this is where our reflections are full of these achievements. Nothing makes us happier to see clients lifting heavier weights as they get stronger and then seeing their muscle definition changing. Or to see someone having the endurance to run on the treadmill where first they could hardly make it turnover. To hearing of less pain, greater movement capability, picking up heavy stuff or moving furniture around that they could not do before. Now this makes us very happy and hope you recognise yourself in any of these above actions.

Our team – well we couldn’t do this without them and we are so proud of Andrew, Chris, Estelle, Scott & Will for being the amazing, passionate people they are. Whenever we take on a new team member or another year ticks by, we know and trust our team to be themselves.  And this is important, they are not us, we are all different but they have strong values when it comes to fitness and health. And it shows in their passion and the relationships they build with their clients and our community as a whole – so thank you team, you are awesome!

As I’m speaking for JC and I it is a year that was very full including…

  • The move to Mont Albert – you’ve heard me say it and in words – what a great move and welcome to our wonderful new clients since we moved.
  • Updated training – I’ve continue to learn more about women’s health in much more depth and making connections to learn more and launched my women’s series. JC completed a 6 month course on the Science of Strength & Conditioning. Scott is still in the depths of his Masters of Exercise Physiology and Chris has been accepted in the same course so congratulations – there is no doubt we all benefit from our team with their strong interest and curiosity to continue to learn.
  • Commencing the launch of Linda Legras Wellness coaching was one of my most favourite things – it lifts me up to help women to be empowered in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond to be their best selves. And I’ll be expanding into this more into this in 2023. Watch this space this truly excites me!
  • We’re witnessing our children Jack & Jess now in their mid teens having strong opinions about their world and their living in it as modern day teens. Teaching us, I feel almost as much as we are still teaching (or I like to think guiding) them.
  • And importantly the loss of Jean-Jacque Legras JC’s father has impacted as greatly and we will enjoy celebrating both his and JCs mother Elizabeth in April 2023 where we will head to Lake Tahoe.

Welcome 2023!

JC and I are already thinking and actioning what we want to be, do and have for ALTA and ourselves. Because as much as we live and breathe what we do, we need to be careful to also nurture ourselves. Therefore we can be our best for you.

First up

  • ALTA Fitness – is to ensure we keep up to date with our education – not just us but our whole team.
    • This year I will complete a Health & Wellness Coaching Course and Introduction to Nutrition Course with Changing Habits. My aim with both these courses is to learn more to help you in developing a holistic relationship with food, your health, exercise, sleep and more.
    • JC is looking at the ‘Earthquake Bar’ – hint it is made out of bamboo and used in the squat rack/weight lifting area
    • More green, air cleansing plants
    • More happy clients!
    • More sharing information, more articles on Health & Wellbeing
  • Personally  – As moving into VCE Year 11 for Jess & IB for Jackson we wish to give extra support to them even if it is as simple as feeding the good food to driving them places (or actually them driving us as they have their Learners Permits!!).
    • To continued self nurturing through meditation, yoga
    • More time away together without disruptions from technology.
    • To be generous in our time with our clients
    • To be generous to the community beyond
    • To be generous to our natural environment
  • Our Team –
    • Estelle goes from leaps to bounds and has plans for course & dance.
    • Andrew being a new dad is raising a beautiful boy with Christy and dad time is precious.
    • Scott & Chris continue their studies and sports.
    • We’re looking forward to hearing so much more about their plans.

AND, we want to hear about yours, what are your plans, what will you look forward to, any habits you’d like to change, new joys, gains and wins and possibly a few sorrows. Whatever they be we hope we can support you where you need us. Our wish as always is for you to be fitter, healthier and happier.