5 Nature and Exercise Activities for Easter

You may not always appreciate nature each and every day but Mother Nature is our connection to all things on earth and research has shown that being in nature has huge benefits, one big one being our mental and physical health.

I recently finished reading Lost Connections by Johann Hari (it will be in my Top 10 this year). And there is a direct correlation that those who experience more greenery/nature, where they live, are happier people. And then exercise lifts our mood let alone all the benefits of a strong, healthy body.

No surprise there right, being outdoors and exercising it almost a perfect match! And it is where we get the most joy. What about you?

How good does it feel to be outside with trees, flowers, birds, animals, insects, blue or grey sky, clouds, rain, wind, snow, the sun on your skin or fresh cold air to breath in. And then adding in exercising at the same time it couldn’t be better.

So here are our Top 5 things to do that conquer all 3 of our wishes for you – Fitness, Health & Happiness. Happy Easter…

  1. Taking a walk or hike – along a river, on the beach, in a park with lots of trees, up a mountain, over rocks, wild grasses
  2. Ride a bike – along a river, on a bike path like Merri Creek, up a mountain – alone or with friends
  3. Go for a swim – in a river, at the beach or at an outdoor pool
  4. Go for a run – along a river, around an oval, around the streets or a park. The tan around Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place to run.
  5. A picnic lunch with a ball or frisbee – unpack the blanket on the grass and a group of friends – so much fun.