Sugar is the new fat

Today JC & I wanted to share with you a blog on Sugar being the New Fat.  We educate ourselves through many sites but this topic hits a, excuse the pun, ‘sweet spot’ with us.  I for one removed sugar from my coffee each day which added up to a whopping total of 28 teaspoons extra a week!!! Today I try to limit to one good coffee a day – no sugar of course. 
I liked CHEK’s approach to sugar today as they do state that sugar isn’t bad for you – its an essential fuel for the body but it is when we take in more than we need – be it via adding to our foods or when foods are processed by companies that we are adding more to our diet than our bodies need, albeit we all need differing amounts. 
BUT it is now well researched that sugar is one of the root causes of obesity and diabetes and other effects that can be adding to the reasons you maybe feeling tired, fatigued or irritable.
So listen to it if you will – maybe challenge yourself to reduce your sugar consumption – cut it out of your coffee – make your own pasta sauce or eat a fruit bun vs a chocolate brownie.
Hope you enjoy.

Watch the full interview on YouTube by copying and pasting the link below