Hints & Tips to Better Exercising

This week we bring the beginnings of a program that will take you through some exercise techniques from relaxation, warm up stretches, muscle activation, correct exercise techniques through to cool down stretches.  Today we begin with the simple act of using the foam rollers.  In order to exercise well, your muscles need to be able to relax so that they then contract properly i.e. if you are too tense you won’t get the best out of your session.One simple act of lying on the roller prior to your sessions or better yet 5 minutes a day at home, is to lie length ways on the foam roller, head to toe, arms out to the side, palms facing up – this helps to:FullSizeRender
  • align your spine and neck
  • relieve tension in lower back
  • let gravity help to relax tight shoulder muscles
We hope you enjoy our hints and tips to better exercise towards your fitter, healthier, happier life.


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