Foam Roller 2!

This weeks Hints and Tips is back with the foam roller, the techniques are coined SMR (Self Myofascia Release) and are used in warming up or cooling down to help to release tension through the hips and glutes. The area’s we are working on are,
  1. TFL (Tensor fasciae Latae) Upper thigh and hips – lying on your side top leg straight the bottom leg resting on the roller at the hip then pushing yourself up and down the roller from hip to knee to hip
  2. Glute Medius – Upper backside – this is a stability muscle that tends to get really tight – Sit on the foam roller and cross your leg over your ankle then tilt to the side of your crossed leg and roll slightly back and forth
With each of these exercises you must do both sides of the body – and roll for 1 minute in each position stopping on any tight spots but be cautious about the pressure you don’t have to put yourself in huge amounts of pain – take it easy.