Here’s to Active Seniors!

As we are all very well aware we need to exercise, eat well and think positively to live a more fulfilled life. We are also aware that obesity and diabetes are on the rise. But today we want to acknowledge our more senior clients as we recognise that the effort they all put in is so tremendous and it is such a joy training them. We have a number of clients in their 60’s, 70’s & 80’s who turn up every week with a smile on their face and a ready laugh to come and exercise with us. They are interested and interesting people who are well read but are always thirsty for new knowledge about how to improve their health, which we love to share!

A fine example is Margaret who at 83 years old, (sorry we aged you a year in the video) has been coming to the studio for over 3 years and we continue to see improvements all the time. Lisa one of our wonderful trainers has been working with Margaret and wanted to share Margaret’s achievements, so please watch this video and see how you can also achieve a 40kg cable pull – Thanks and well done Margaret and Lisa!