Word of Advice on Exercise & Health During the Summer Holidays

We love exercise and while it’s not always deliberate especially when we are away, we tend to do whatever we feel or when the moment presents itself. The idea of holidays is to have a holiday and if it isn’t something we like or love doing (for me perhaps running) then we don’t. Same goes with food but simply I try to be just as good as I am at home. The important step in all this is to keep moving our bodies, don’t be a couch potato or just sit on the beach or at the park all day – get up and move at least every hour or so. We try to include something that requires strength and cardio, not necessarily together and this is because we know ourselves, and research has proven that when we stop, we lose the gains we have made. An example of this is if I haven’t run for a week, it’s okay, but if I haven’t run for a month, it’s like Holy Moly So Much Harder!!!

So here are a few tips to keep motivated and not lose what you’ve achieved and return in 2022 feeling great.

  • Start the day waking up with the sun and drinking 2 big glasses or water (one with Apple Cider Vinegar to balance out your ph levels). This will set your circadian rhythms to a nice start to the day.
  • Walk everywhere – well as much as you can, walk to the shops, to the beach – leave your car at home. And take a ball with you, tennis ball, football, soccer ball, Exercise by throwing to each other or find a wall to throw / kick against.
  • Swim – the cold water is good for our bodies and it’s a great overall body workout, take your goggles or flippers so you can swim some distance.
  • Get on a bike – ride the streets or to the shops, ride down dirt roads, see where they take you. We always have our bikes.
  • Grab a tennis racket and just have a hit for fun or set up a game with friends – this is our new sport so we will be taking ours away.
  • Pop into a gym and do a 30min work out. Most gyms have casual entry, we do this often, sometimes we even get a PT! You never know what you can learn from others though more often than not it just reminds us how good we are!! (Yes, a bit of high fiving and pats on each other’s back – sometimes you just have to acknowledge we are good at what we do).
  • Eat well / drink well – choose well, be conscious of what you eat & drink, stay away from as much processed food as possible, cheap take away and soft drinks. Take your favourite recipe book and try out some new meals, have plenty of mineral water and lemons on hand for a refreshing drink.
  • Take a walk after dinner – nothing more lovely on a summers evening going for a walk (which also helps to digest your last meal and set you up for a good night sleep)
  • Lastly, don’t stay up late (unless New Year’s Eve) go to bed by 10pm, no screens an hour prior, enjoy some nice music, talking with family / friends, read a book – think again circadian rhythm.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.