Well, I’m calling 2022 ALTA’s Year of Health! It started with one client who has come out of COVID, one of the few not to put on weight however there is some pretty big changes required so I called it ‘2022 is Your Year of Health’ and it’s stuck on me how passionate I feel about this and it’s picking up speed!

I’ve been writing up a yearly plan of activities, challenges, ALTA Talks, events and more! And with our growing team and clientele, we are feeling super positive towards the coming year watching you, our clients and friends, embracing a year of more positivities, more freedom, more joy and of course more fitness, health and happiness. To continue to learn and impart that learning to you our clients and the wider community and importantly to have fun and laughter whilst we work, certainly makes up for the pain exercise brings.

And as much as I’d like to be optimistic, COVID is not behind us, it’s here in many forms, it still causing angst, restrictions, discrimination and a host of unknowns. But just in case we have further lockdowns be confident that we know the drill and can bounce around what is thrown at us.

Looking forward also, JC and I are undertaking more personal growth, being loving, guiding parents to 16 year olds, being a loving friend, sister, daughter, wife & mother and that I am present in all my interactions. I intend to be more curious rather than assuming. And our team are learning and moving in all sorts of directions personally and in the areas of health and wellbeing – We truly consider ourselves lucky to have a team whose values are strong and committed.

As we get to this point our sincere heartfelt best wishes to you all and thank you so much for supporting us in 2021, we are here for you and because of you, all of us wanting to be fitter, healthier and happier – who wouldn’t.

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!