– The Four Female Archetypes – Which one resonates no matter what stage of life we are in!

Carl Jung explains archetypes as the symbols of our collective unconscious, the impersonal and inherited traits of human beings that present and motivate human behaviour and continue to influence feeling and behaviour even after our consciousness developed.

For us women we can often identify with the female archetypes at any time of day, week or month, even depending on where we are, or who we are with. Having us understand the archetypes can help to understand what motivates us and why. There are 13 female archetypes but there are 4 that are more common and may resonate with you.

Women today are often in a masculine role as well as feminine stepping in and out of the roles and often losing our femininity. So embrace your femininity and let me know if you are stronger in one or like me I’m often all four in one day!


She is young at heart, full of optimism, energy, and a care-free nature. She embodies independence, strength and confidence. She revels in her femininity not ashamed or inhibited, has confidence in herself before others through self care and self love. She is full of enthusiasm & authenticity, intelligent, can plan, organise and confident in her own skin.

Nurturer / Mother

She embodies creativity, nurturing (of the self and others), and attention. She guides and protects her own children and others and she is not only a mother to her own she gives unconditional love to others. She is also connected to nature and the environment, brings harmony, balance and care.

Wild Woman

Knowns as the warrior, or witch she is playful, competitive and sometimes destructive. She is fierce in protecting her family and brings sexual and fertile energy along with strength & motivation. The dark and buried side is from burying emotions and energy when she just wants to be heard.

Wise Woman

She brings deep intuition and wisdom, the advisor, that has been brought about by deep pain and delivers the strength from our ancestry. Helping others to grow and strengthen as an advisor.

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