The Women’s 35+ program has been designed to educate and join in a mobility stretching session for 8 weeks. Each week a new topic is explored the first will be nutrition (whereby you may wish to commence either 2 recommended programs to help lose weight or commence with our guide), with further topics to include Sleep, Meditation/Mindfulness, What is really in our foods, Fitness for Women and more.

8 weeks on Monday night sessions includes 30min health/wellbeing sessions and a 30min Mobility and Stretching Session with information page/s for each session to take home.

10 Spots only

Cost: $399 – for exisiting clients and friends only $299

When: Information Night Monday 1st Feb (for those who would like) First week Monday 8th Feb

Where: ALTA Fitness Studio

Who for: specifically for women 35+ who may wish to lose weight or take back control of their health and wellbeing. Whether you are still Menstruating, in Perimenopause or Menopause this program will give you hints and tips for your long term fitness, health, wellbeing and longevity.


The Osteoporosis Outdoor Exercise Sessions is to to ward off Osteopenia or to assist those diagnosed with Osteoporosis – Strengthening ligaments, tendons, joints, bones and muscle strength. By being stronger overall it will assist in balance, fall prevention, improved posture and help prevent chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.

10 weeks of Resistance & Strength Exercise with a 45-60min session outdoors

10 Spots Only

Cost: 10 weeks – $200 ($20 per session), 8 weeks – $180 ($22.50 per session)

When: Commencing Thursday 14th Jan (you can join in later weeks also)

Who: Mature Women

Where: Boroondara Park, Canterbury Rd (near tennis courts, north side of Canterbury Rd, Canterbury) – a flat, clean, well kept area.

What You Need: Yoga Mat, Power Band (with or without handles), Light Weights – 1kg & 3kg. You may wish to bring a swiss ball or heavier weights if you like or if you don’t have equipment on hand I can source for you.

FAQ: What if it is raining – If it is raining we will take the session in our ALTA Fitness Studio, 233 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury

Please note that these programs are not suitable for pregnant women and it is also recommended that all individuals seek professional medical advice before making changes to your exercise or diet. The information, ideas and suggestions we make in this course are purely from JC and I and they are not substitutes for consulting with your health professional.